Hadrian’s Wall Walk

Hadrian’s Wall Walk

The Hadrian's Wall Walk is a long-distance footpath in the north of England. It runs for 84 miles (135 km), from Wallsend on the east coast of England to Bowness-on-Solway on the west coast. For most of its length it is close to the remains of Hadrian's Wall, the defensive wall built by the Romans on the northern border of their empire, and includes several important Roman forts. This is now recognised as a World Heritage Site.

The walking is relatively easy, as the highest point on the path is only 345 m (1130 ft) high and for much of its length the path is more or less flat. Most of the Wall runs through remote countryside but there are sections that pass through the cities and suburbs of Newcastle and Carlisle. The path is well signposted and there are villages and farms near to the path.

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day 1
WallsendHeddon-on-the-Wall16m, 25km
day 2
Chollerford16m, 25km
day 3
Once Brewed
13m, 21km
day 4
Once Brewed
Lanercost16m, 25km
day 5
Carlisle14m, 23km
day 6
15m, 24km
Total90m, 143km

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