Planning your next adventure?

Planning your next adventure?

1st January 2023

Before you set out, ask yourself three questions...

  1. Do I have the right gear?
  2. Do I know what the weather will be like?
  3. Am I confident that I have the knowledge and skills for the day?

What to do before you set out each day....

#Beadventuresmart with your mobile:

Charge your phone, enable 'location services' and register your number with

#Beadventuresmart with your route

Know where you are going, and how to navigate your way there

#Beadventuresmart with the weather

Check the forecast and conditions via Weatherline or MWIS and be prepared to change your route.
#Beadventuresmart with your plans

Leave details of your planned route in a safe place. It could be at the accommodation you have just departed?

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