Fix the Fells

Fix the Fells

10th November 2020

Fix the Fells mission is to protect the spectacular Lakeland fells from erosion by repairing and maintaining the upland paths.

The Lake District is perhaps Britain’s best-loved landscape. It is a UNESCO World Heritage site – a place worth protecting. But erosion from people, coupled with severe weather events and climate change, is causing ugly scars and environmental damage in the fragile mountains. Fix the Fells tackles this erosion problem by repairing and maintaining 330 upland paths, helping to keep the Lake District a special place for us and for future generations.

This year alone, Fix the Fells has repaired more than 200 paths already and there are now 351 paths totalling over 640 km or 400 miles identified for repair work, maintenance or monitoring. The number and priorities change over time as some paths erode more quickly and new ones are identified.

Each year a combination of National Trust and Lake District National Park rangers schedule work from these 351 paths.

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